This person will be liable for payments and will be listed as the administrator. We will only accept changes to the software from this responsible person. If more than 1 responsible person is needed contact rtd cloud after registration
Please supply the details for invoicing purposes. The information supplied here will be used to set up your invoice details. Supply all information you would like to reflect on your invoice.
eg. Company registration number, trading name, etc.
There is no limit on the total users for the system - yes UNLIMITED users! Each user can have customizable user access. The responsible person will be set up as the Administrator User.
Invoices will be sent on the 1st of each month. If no payment is received by the 7th of each month, all access to the system will be revoked. If you have selected debit order as your payment method, we will send you an electronic debit order mandate as soon as your sign up has been processed. If you have trouble completing the electronic debit order mandate, please contact our office at 0871523557.
Terms & Conditions
The product is a month to month service (except for the 6-month and yearly packages) which means that one months’ notice (30 days) needs to be given for any cancellation. The yearly and 6-month packages are full and final and if a cancellation has been logged at least a month before the expiry date, we will not renew your subscription. If you however cancelled within the 6-month or year period, you will not be refunded your yearly / 6-monthly subscription as it will only expire after the signed up term. Cancellation notice on the 6-month and yearly packages must be given at least one month before expiry of your package.

Invoices are sent on the 1st of each month and if not paid by the 7th access will be blocked to all the users and businesses unpaid. Should this ever happen you would need to contact one of our system administrators at 087 152 3557 or email to rectify the matter.

All business information are treated as highly confidential and is kept secure by RTD Cloud Accounting Manager, therefore only the responsible person will have the authority to make any changes to the software or request any information updates from RTD Cloud Accounting Manager.

User permissions is provided to limit access to certain staff members / users. It is your responsibility to ensure user details and passwords are kept save. RTD Cloud will not take any responsibility for user negligence or user permission errors. We will only setup your business and user permissions with the information provided from the responsible person.

The software has a built in backup feature and we recommend regular backups from our users. As the system is cloud based we do make automatic backups on our side but we cannot be held responsible for any data loss because of user error out of our back up cycle. We will however always try our best to recover the latest backup that we made on our systems.

Training tutorials are available on our website. Should in-depth training be required RTD Cloud will be able to provide onsite and/or remote in-depth training and this will be billable. You can book our training for the whole office and all users should it be required for the in-depth training program. For all other support matters please refer to our training tutorials or contact our support line at 087 152 3557 or email

We are constantly improving the system and therefore updates will be done on a regular basis. These updates should not affect your performance or experience on the system. Should major updates be done that can influence the structure or layout of the system, we will notify you. Should you be unsure of any changes, you are welcome to contact our support line regarding your uncertainties.

The payroll feature is an add-on to assist business with the employee/payslip/payroll process but however does not yet offer the South African tax tables for PAYE and UIF calculations. Therefore, you can do the calculations manually but RTD Cloud Accounting Manager will not take responsibility for any calculations on payslips that are not accurate according to the local tax authorities.

The software is very customizable to any business environment and should you feel the software is not working for your business specific needs, please feel free to contact us to see if we cannot customize the software to your business’ needs. Custom fields can also be used to adjust most of the features of the software, feel free to contact support for assistance in this.
RTD Cloud Accounting Manager is a division of RTD Cloud (Pty) Ltd. RTD Cloud (Pty) Ltd is a registered Private Company in South-Africa with registration number 2018/472295/07. All invoicing/billing will be made from RTD Cloud (Pty) Ltd for RTD Cloud Accounting Manager. RTD Cloud (Pty) Ltd is a registered VAT Vendor and thus all fees will include VAT.

RTD Cloud Accounting Manager

Phone: 087 152 3557